IT Hit User File System

Create your own virtual drive and user-mode file system in .NET/C# for Windows and macOS with synchronization support, on-demand loading, offline files, and Windows File Manager integration.

User-mode File System Engine

IT Hit User File System Engine provides a high-level API for creating a user-mode file system in .NET without installing any third-party mini-filter or any file system drivers. 

100% safe, managed code. No unsafe memory management operations. No blue screens.

Synchronization Framework

IT Hit User File System provides a file system synchronization framework based on the new Windows 10 Cloud Files API, and macOS File Provider API.

It supports OneDrive-like on-demand loading, selective offline availability, download/upload progress, file system status reporting, as well as Windows File Manager and macOS Finder integration.

Designed for Window 10 and macOS

The library API relies on the newest Windows 10 and macOS 11+ API, specifically designed for creating virtual drives and user-mode file systems with synchronization support.

The Engine is using the Microsoft Cloud Files driver supplied with Windows 10, and macOS 11+ File Provider Extension providing unprecedented reliability and development simplicity in C#, VB.NET, or any other .NET language.